Basra approves "chemical additives" plant at a cost of $ 12 million.


The investment authority in Basra, granted leave to create a factory for production of 4 thousand tons a year of chemical additives, confirmed that the total project cost $ 12 million.

He said the Chief of GASPE, investment Commission awarded world energy company General Contracting establishment leave chemical additives plant on an area of 16 thousand square meters in the industrial area in the Northern alarkli district, South of Basra, "Noting that" it is hoped that the plant produces fuel conditioners, oils and special materials for boilers, exchanges and oxidation and rust as well as other industrial materials, through productive lines.

GASPE said that "total project cost $ 12 million, to a design production capacity of 4 thousand tons a year," "add a third production line for the plant to produce caustic soda.

The Basra Investment Commission, announced (August 10th, 2016), opening a project to produce plastics for a total cost of more than $ 15 million.