The arrest of a shopkeeper banking embezzled $ 10 million from Erbil Stock Exchange

Roudao- Erbil The owner of a shops , banking disappeared, in Erbil Stock Exchange, after seizing some $ 10 million from the currency market, but after a week of the incident, was found by one of his brothers , who in turn handed him to the police. In the 16th of this month, a person named (p), taking 9,000,410 thousand dollars, through remittances between Erbil, Turkey and Dubai, and return the money to the 10 owners of the money in the market 0.7 of them Kurds and three others from the Arabs, someone dealer Iraqi resident in Dubai, and has 10 of those handed over their money for (p) in order to obtain profits.
And (p) is a large company official currency of exchange in Erbil Stock Exchange, this company belongs to his brother, and a week after (p) of embezzling money, his brother was able to find it in one of the districts of the province of Dohuk, and handed over to the police.
He says dealer ladder 2,000,540 thousand dollars to (p) of Roudao, "We trust him, so we dealt with him, but he took our money and then disappeared," and about to register a complaint it, he said, "We expect that restores our brother (p) our money."
The court took testimony (p) in 28.08.2016, after the registration of a complaint affected him on the day of 25.08.2016.
For his part, he said another dealer handed over 500 thousand dollars for (p), to Roudao "in the 15th of this month, I was asked (p) the amount of 500 thousand dollars, and he promised me that attribute to me the next day, but he disappeared after that, and on that money to the outside".
On the arrest of (p), and the fate of the stolen money, the head of Erbil Stock Exchange Council, Hussein Mohammed, a Roudao, "the person arrested in Dohuk province, and transferred to the suffocating police station in Erbil and him to jail," adding, "he was not in possession of a detainee any money, nor One knows the fate of these funds. "
Among the funds embezzled by (p), owned 5,000,420 thousand dollars to one of the depositors, while the amount of money involved is less affected customers is estimated at 40 thousand dollars.
The incident, the second of its kind in less than two months in Erbil Stock Exchange, where the young man in the middle of the month of July of stealing $ 20 million, embezzled $ 13.5 million of which from Erbil Stock Exchange, and led incidents raised the concern of the owners of shops and businesses currencies, reducing the trust between dealers.
The Erbil Stock Exchange, the largest market for coins in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and the majority of traders and owners of the funds to bring their money into the market and make the hawala transactions there, currency traders say it is converted at least $ 50 million from the Kurdistan abroad every day.
The Stock Exchange of Arbil, 320 offices and 220 companies for the exchange of currencies, of which 110 companies are run by people, the Arabs, and the amount of funds available on the market more than a billion dollars.