Security expert: the Constitution does not allow the Peshmerga expansion outside the official boundaries of the province

Saeed said security expert Algiashi, Tuesday, the inability to impose its control of the Peshmerga forces forcibly entered the areas where there are constitutional provisions and Qanuinh not allow her to stretch , but in parts of Kurdistan exclusively.
Algiashi said in a press statement, said that " the feet of the Peshmerga forces to expand the project spending and security barriers in areas recently entered a breach of the constitution , which determines the validity of their deployment in the province , areas exclusively."
He added that "some of the parties involved and was treated at the time of the tyrant Saddam in terms of demographic change and the policy of exclusion and marginalization , and this fatal error for the Kurds."
Algiashi stressed that "Nineveh province is administratively part of the federal authority and can not be encroaching on its borders were never any excuse Dash either fight or create a new province annexation of part of the province to Aqilm Kurdistan."