National Alliance stresses on strengthening Iraqi relations with its Arab environment and development

Chaired by Ibrahim al - Jaafari , head of the Iraqi National Alliance , Foreign Minister, on Tuesday, a meeting of the leadership of the Alliance for the body, the meeting discussed a number of developments taking place in Iraq, first and foremost victories sons of our armed forces, and the heroes of the popular crowd in the liberation of the entire Khalidiya Island, and hand Qayyarah, the leadership and stressed the the need to continue to support the armed forces, and the popular crowd, and his blessing to the Iraqi people these victories, and the emphasis on the need to expedite the completion of freeing the rest of the regions, and the resolution of the battle to liberate Nineveh.
The leadership of the National Alliance discussed the security situation in Diyala, stressing the importance of cohesion, peaceful settlement of disputes, legal, and decided to form a committee to follow up the situation and to find solutions to the consequent.
Leading Commission also stressed the need to improve the political relations between the political forces in order to achieve more stability, and provide the greatest possible service, and to address the economic problems in a spirit of responsibility.
The meeting underlined to strengthen Iraqi relations with the Arab world, and developing them to serve the common interests, and provides conditions and climates help to achieve this, welcoming the request of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Saudi government replace its ambassador to Iraq as a manifestation of concern for the success of the course of development of bilateral relations between the two countries.
It was also during the meeting a review of the practical steps to activate and strengthen the role of the National Alliance, and assume its responsibilities in the success of the political process, and the achievement of the government program.