Swiss defense ministry suggest a crash Popeye

Swiss defense ministry announced that the fighter air force Swiss, it has its effect on Monday afternoon while flying over the Alps in central Switzerland, may have crashed.
The fighter F - 18 C - AT model, with individual seat, conducted an exercise with a second plane, when it cut all wireless communications with the pilot , according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Defence.
The ministry added that the plane "lost time since then," referring to the launch of a wide search operation for them. And suggested that the plane has crashed near Sostan area in the center of Switzerland, an area that is very difficult to access.
And two helicopters took part in the searches, but as night fell and the weather Oghebrihama to a halt, while the team continued to field rescue climbers and experienced search for the plane.
In June, they collided Soasritan fighter aircraft "F - 5 Tiger Eye" during training in the Netherlands, caught fire in one of them, before the crash, but the pilot was able to exit