Parliament discusses the evaluation of his work and vote on the law of the board of border crossings and the removal of the abuse on the marshes

Monday, August 29, 2016 - 21:52

House of Representatives voted in its regular sixteen headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 190 deputies on Monday on the Law of the board of the border crossing points, and recommendations to remove the dangerous excesses in the marsh environment discussed the evaluation of his work. "

A statement by the Media Department of the parliament on Monday that "at the outset of the meeting followed by MP Abbas al-Bayati, a statement park where victories of the armed forces in its war against Daesh especially in the battle of Khalidiya island of Anbar province, which lasted 25 days to confront the terrorists, despite possessing equipment significant military equipment", praising the courage of the army and Alhacdan folk and tribal repeat victories,

alluding to the death of Sahib soldier of the sons of the province of Basra, the son of a martyr Aadamha the former regime and leave the exile and returned to fight the terrorist martyr Abbas Abdul-Jabbar, who belongs to the factions the popular crowd, who cut short his vacation and joined the fight. Then he read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the House of Representatives for the souls of the martyrs of the Battle of Khalidiya, Iraq.

For his part, President of the Council pointed out that "what happened in the previous session of practices It was pathetic and was born a negative impression about the work of the Council," referring to hold the Presidency of the session with the heads of parliamentary blocs which decided to refer the behavior of the offending deputies to the rules of procedure to conduct committee file parliament ".

Jubouri and pointed out that "the Commission made recommendations which either close the file or prevent the MP for six days to speak or denial of participation in the work of the Council for a month or dropping the membership of MP that require two-thirds vote of the Council," stressing the importance of presenting a proposed replacement of members of law Council, calling on the Commission to speed up its work after it has been hauling a number of MPs files on some of the practices that are incompatible with the behavior, including taking pictures and video, and closer to the presidential platform.

For his part, MP Abboud al-Issawi counting the Committee on parliamentary behavior, what happened to the unfortunate cases of inappropriate at the meeting is unacceptable ethically and legally and gave justifications for campaigns that target the Council and his characters, calling to open a new page and that the Commission does not resort to the application of measures disciplinary and stipulated in the rules of procedure and the code of parliamentary behavior by using the powers of the presidency of the Council and the powers of the Commission.

On the other hand, the Council voted on a parliamentary decision to cancel the private Cabinet decision to merge North and South and Central cement companies and one company and return it to its former position upon the request of 70 deputies.

For his part, the President of the Council of the Commission on Human Rights of the House of Representatives to investigate the kidnapping or the loss of civil rights activist Ali Alzbahaoa In addition to all of the activists and Jalal lipodeca Oai Mansouri.

Then the Council completed the vote on the draft law of the board of border crossings and provided financial security and defense services, construction, legal, economic and investment committees for the purpose of unification of border crossings management and to ensure the proper application of laws and regulations governing the work of government departments in a way to ensure achieving the smooth flow of work and the entry of people and goods and to raise the level of service where The show of border crossings in the proper manner as interface Iraq.

The council also voted on the recommendations to remove dangerous on the marsh environment excesses based on a request from Rep Sunrise Alabegi and ensure the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate and review the contracts concluded over the marshes and waters for the diagnosis of illegalities and scrapped after the confirmation, and ask the Council of Ministers to instruct the concerned authorities to remove the excesses carried out by contractors on Lots of water in the marshes.

The Council discussed the appraisal done by presenting relevant departments stats thorough and inclusive of all the activities and achievements of the special supervisory role and the Legislative Council and ways to promote the work of the Council.

And then it decides to adjourn the meeting on Tuesday, 09.06.2016.