Deputy for Law: Maliki surprised by an interception on a general amnesty after approval
[Oan- special]
revealed deputy of the State of Law coalition, said the coalition bloc voted in favor of a general amnesty law.
He said Hussein al - Maliki told all of Iraq [where], " The State of Law coalition voted unanimously on a general amnesty law with the exception of a number of MPs do not transgress the fingers , " adding that " the head of the state law , the parliamentary Ali al - Adeeb , the voice of the law, as well as MPs call for mass and independent and the Dawa Party / Iraq organization , all voted in favor of the amnesty law. "
He stressed that" everyone 's voice , but I am deputies others refused to vote with the exception of some paragraphs that concern the citizen either related to terrorism, including the second, eighth and ninth paragraphs did not vote for it. "
**He was MP for the law -oho smelting coalition chairman Nuri al - Maliki - surprised at the objection to the law and his call to challenge it, "I asked al - Maliki Where were you and why did you put Raakm when the voice of the majority of deputies of state law and block a private call , but Anvar them, and now you have begun to object to why he did not object he and others from the beginning, this is my question ?. "
he pointed out that" the determination of State of law coalition and al - Maliki to challenge the law does not avail him being right Prime Minister exclusively and is now not agreed limit on the appeal. "
the House of Representatives, has approved in its meeting last Thursday 's draft general amnesty law after a dispute lasted years of it, especially paragraph relating to the accused terrorist, where the law pointed to the formation of a judicial committee would be responsible for considering the extent of the possibility of re - trial of the accused to Article 4 / terrorism or not, not at the request of the accused himself.
he said the legal expert Tareq Harb, the "general amnesty law has excluded only former regime figures included corruption and terrorism crimes, terrorists Daesh and convicted [politicians] Tareq al - Hashemi, Rafie al - Issawi and Ahmed al - Alwani. "
he was president of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki, his objection to the adoption of the amnesty law.
Maliki said , according to a statement his office last Friday , " raised surprised to pass an amnesty law the year different from those approved by the political consensus formula, in particular article concerning retrials, or re - investigation in order to gravity grave, and the possibility of use in an inappropriate way , "adding that" the mysterious circumstances surrounding the final hours leading up to the vote on the law, Chi existence deals or problematic was a reason to pass a general amnesty. "
he pointed Maliki, he said he" out of our commitment to do right and the establishment of justice, we call people 's Congress to challenge the law , which would allow impunity for thousands of terrorists and criminals from punishment, and the loss of families of the martyrs and victims ' rights. "