The Oil Ministry's [where]: We will make every effort to activate the agreement with the Territory
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Oil Ministry announced Federation, it is seeking to make every effort to activate the oil deal with the Kurdistan region.
He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad told all of Iraq [where], that " the oil minister said that the ministry is seeking to activate the previous agreement with the Kurdistan region and to exert all efforts in this regard as being in the interest of Iraq and the need for the Federal Treasury to funds through the activation of this agreement."
He added Jihad, said that " the doors of the Ministry of oil legislator to reach an agreement that serves the best interest Aloutnaa , " adding , "senior deputy of the ministry to confirm the hope of reaching an agreement between SOMO and the Kurdistan region, and explore the possibility of exporting oil north through Iran if it fails these negotiations."
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of oil Fayyad blessing, said last Saturday, " the Iraqi government will consider selling crude through Iran if talks with the Kurdistan region on an agreement to share oil revenues failed."
he added grace in an interview with Reuters, that " the oil marketing Iraqi state - owned company Sumo plans to hold talks with the Kurdistan Regional Government , perhaps this week on Iraqi oil which is being exported through Turkey , "adding that " if the negotiations had reached the end, we will begin to find a way to sell our oil because we need the money, either to Iran or other countries. "
he said grace that " the flow of oil mined by the North oil company of Kirkuk and pumped into the pipeline of approximately 75 thousand barrels a day since last week , or half the rate that was before a stopover in March and if an agreement is reached with the province, the flow through the pipeline will increase to more than 100 thousand barrels per day , and not to the previous level of 150 thousand barrels per day. "
the new oil minister Jabbar Allaibi which parliament approved his nomination on 16 August this confirmed " the ministry has sought to increase production, and the lack of difficulty in the agreement with the Kurdistan region regarding exports , "noting that " we are dealing with the region as part of Iraq, and there is **no difficulty in order to find solutions to the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil. "
loggerheads years between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region on the validity of the export of oil and confined in the absence of oil and gas inactivated law since passed for years , but the two sides reached in December 2014 an agreement to export the region 250,000 barrels of production with 300,000 barrels of the province of Kirkuk fields in exchange for pay Baghdad Kurdistan 's share of the federal budget by 17%, but this agreement has struggled since then with the exchange of accusations between Baghdad Erbil non - compliance, but did not announce any of them terminate the agreement.