Abadi, deputy appeals to improve the share of the province of Babylon Electricity

He appealed to the Prime Minister in view to improve the share of the province of Babylon for electricity because it provides half the slate is equipped with the southern provinces
Attorney - Razak al - Haidari condemns the targeting of energy Towers terrorist act and calls for the protection of vital facility
Target of terrorism for power transmission towers weakness and inability to face the crowd and government agencies valiant guide
MP Badr parliamentary bloc Razak al - Haidari stressed the need to provide adequate protection , especially electric power stations and towers of energy transfer to the extreme importance in the lives of citizens, and appealed to al - Haidari , Mr. Prime Minister , the need to reconsider the share of the province of Babylon of electricity because it is processed at half the slate outfitted southern governorates.
He denounced al - Haidari said in a statement on Monday, 08.29.2016 targeting 80 towers in a written Fallujah and Ramadi , causing a lack of citizens equipped with electricity.
Haidari said that electricity is very important in the country and stop the many vital industries, laboratories and must make utmost efforts to improve and protect them from terrorist acts.
He said al - Haidari , targeting energy transmission towers that bankruptcy by terrorists and inability to cope with the popular crowd and security services that Guenthm a lesson they will never forget.