Rafidain Bank announces special loans to the victims of the bombing of Karrada, according to the guidelines

Rafidain Bank announced its readiness to rehabilitate the shops for the victims of the terrorist bombing of Karrada , by giving them financial loans.
The bank said in a statement, said he Pour specific controls to include traders and shopkeepers affected under the terms of which to be granted a loan of 40 million dinars to ensure a drug that covers the loan amount plus 20 percent.
It will also be granted a loan of 30 million dinars in the same loan terms described above.
The statement added that he will be granted a loan of 20 million dinars and to ensure government employees or provide support drug, indicating that the loan term of five years , including 6 - month grace period and an interest rate of 5%.
He called the bank covered by these instructions to review the main branch for those actions and granted loans