Larijani strongly oppose the partition of Iraq
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The head of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, Ali Larijani, parking his country , along with Iraq , "all our possibilities , " and expressed his "deep rejection of the partition of Iraq."
Larijani said during a meeting with Secretary General of the Movement [nujaba] in Iraq , one of the factions of the popular crowd, Akram al - Kaabi, said Saturday, "We strongly oppose the partition of Iraq, and the religious authority in Iraq to adopt this position."
Larijani stressed that " the religious authority , the position [Top ] Ayatollah Ali al - Sistani in this regard from the division of the utmost importance, "noting that " we should pay attention to the conspiracy of the enemies going on in Iraq, Syria and the crisis in these two countries is not over once the military victories in some fields. "
and" we faced after the victory of Islamic Revolution major crises in different parts of Iran 's Kurdistan as a region, and that the Revolutionary Guards forces carried out military operations, packaging Furthermore they had a cultural and educational work , and this is the secret of our victories. "