Mullah Bakhtiar: Abadi ready for talks on the province's independence

views 22 08/28/2016

Body operating in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau official, Mullah Bakhtiar revealed, on Sunday, that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told me [that the gates of Baghdad open for talks on the independence of the Kurdistan region there is no need to talk or defamation by the media]."

He said Mullah Bakhtiar, at a news conference in Sulaimaniyah, said Sunday "we demanded from Abadi send teachers and teachers' salaries in the Kurdistan region for a period of one month, al-Abadi said that he would confer on the matter and would respond on us as soon as possible," expected to "be the response of the Iraqi prime minister positive. "

And between, that "his visit to Baghdad were not for personal interest or the interest of our party, it was in the public interest and resolve the outstanding problems, and demanded the Iraqi government, all political parties not to conduct an unannounced agreements with other parties against the Kurdish people."

He pointed working body official in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau, he noted that "the talks with al-Abadi was the timing of the declaration of independence of Kurdistan only, not talking about the acceptance or rejection of independence, it is right for us and Abadi announced his support."

It is noteworthy that "and a senior delegation from the party Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, headed by working body of the Political Bureau of the Party official, Mullah Bakhtiar, and membership of an organic political bureau of the Union is capable Aziz Saadi beer, and member of the union leadership, Khalid Shwani, visited the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and held meetings with a large number officials in the Iraqi government and the parties. "