World Bank to discuss funding projects in Basra .. Nasraoui and gives priority to services

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The Governor of Basra, Majed Nasraoui, discuss financing a number of projects with the World Bank, and pointed to give priority to turnkey projects for implementation in electricity, health and education sectors, as he emphasized the Prime Minister's Office prepared the World Bank to provide financial assistance to Iraq and to the "unconditional mechanisms" .

Said Majed Nasraoui, during a joint news conference with the representative of the Prime Minister and Director of the World Bank, held in tow hall in Sheraton Basra, he said that a delegation from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Director of the World Bank came to Basra, yesterday, to look at a number of projects to solve it in the light of the economic crisis ", explaining that he had" discussed with the delegation of the priority projects and ready-to-implement, which hampered funding for financial support from the World Bank. "

He Nasraoui, that "the priority for its support of funding from the central bank projects are approved by the provincial council, which is water, electricity, infrastructure, health and education projects," noting that "the delegation will discuss these projects to support the financial funding, according to the elements of the central bank to implement them faster."

For his part, Deputy Director of the Prime Minister's Office, Nofal Abu Barns, during the conference, "The World Bank expressed its readiness to support the Iraqi government financial funding without conditions in order to support its reform program which was approved by the House of Representatives under the direction of the Iraqi economy in line with the changes taking place in oil prices "explaining that" Iraq is mainly based on oil and deal with the World Bank and donor institutions without conditions stipulated only that the government itself to deal transparently with the donors and cooperating with Iraq's institutions. "

In turn, the representative of the World Bank, Farid Belhaj, that "the cooperation between the World Bank and Iraq is not new and we are going to pay their relationship in a positive way," adding "there will be a working group at the technical level to translate this relationship on the ground of financial, technical and artistic to Iraq to support" noting that "the bank's dealings with Iraq, which is not any conditions."

Experiencing the province of Basra projects stalled since 2014 regarding the services and infrastructure due to the economic crisis and the lack of financial liquidity, despite her being investigated completion rates exceeded 50% of its implementation.

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