Standard & Poor reclassify Iraq to B with a stable outlook

Views 169 Date 28/08/2016 - 20:31
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Experts felt that this class is very close to the economic reality of Iraq under the circumstances witnessed by the decline in oil prices and the war on źDaesh╗ terrorist.

The Economic academic Dr. Majid Baidhani the view of the experts commented that this degree of classification longer acceptable and good compared to what Iraq is going through as well as it was the first grade credit rating obtained by Iraq in the economic history since September of last year, indicating that this class it possible to upgrade them when the stability of the general situation in Iraq and reach out at grade A or even + A with a positive outlook and stable.

Reuters reported , citing the company 's outlook to stable expectations that include a large deficit in the budget and balance of foreign transactions will be possible to finance, and also contain the conflict with al źDaesh╗.

Standard & Poor 's predicted that the real GDP growth for Iraq will fall to less than 2 percent in 2017 to 2019 levels due to the negative effects of the consolidation of fiscal policies and local demand is weak.

Agency Iraq and was awarded first grade credit rating in its history , beginning in September of 2015 after completing the procedures for obtaining the classification for being did not have the degree of credit rating because of the erroneous and absurd wars fought by the economic policies of the former regime against some neighboring countries.

The Standard & Poor 's (S & P) is a financial services company based in the United States.

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