Obeidi uses the potential of the Defense Ministry and aircraft despite dismissal

Baghdad balances News
Informed sources revealed on Sunday that the son of the defense minister article Fener Khalid al-Obeidi, the oldest on the transfer of bags from the Green Zone to Arbil. The sources told / balances News /, "The son of Defense Minister al-Obeidi, the oldest article Fener, yesterday evening, accompanied by a number of cars on the transfer bag 21 from the Green Zone to the air base." She added, that "the Secretary of the Air Force Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Salahuddin resides at the base, and then was transferred bags c130 plane to Arbil and Fener with al-Obeidi."
Referred to the House of Representatives voted Minutes Day (25 August 2016), on the withdrawal of confidence from the defense minister Khaled Alobeida.anthy 29 / A 43