Parliamentary Integrity: a parliament vote on not being content with answers Zebari legal and impeccable him

BAGHDAD / ... confirmed the official spokesman of the Integrity Committee Adel Nouri, said on Sunday that put the issue to vote on conviction with answers Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in the parliament session yesterday were legal and impeccable them.
He said Nuri's "Eye of Iraq News," that "there is a questioning of the session last Thursday by the Attorney Haim al - Jubouri , the Minister of Finance, and later was presented the signatures required in accordance with the rules of procedure to put the issue to a vote session Saturday on conviction answers or not has been legally inclusion Thread ". "The measure was constitutional and legal impeccable and it represents a part of the regulatory role of parliament in the executive branch officials accountable." He Nouri said "tangles with hands and insults is is a pity we did not wish receiving in this way , " noting that "allegations that interrogations political is something surprising , but we do not know what are the political interrogations there are questions raised and on the part of the interrogation required to answer according to the legal frameworks and end up away from all those interferences and intimidations that some are trying drawn to the issue of interrogation ".anthy 3