Fahdawi: Snjhz 70% of the country's provinces with electricity for 24 hours

The Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi, that his ministry will be able to provide 70% of the country 's provinces with electricity around the clock before the next summer, adding to send a committee to assess the damage Qayyarah power station, south of Mosul.
Fahdawi said in an interview with reporters that his ministry has furnished a number of areas of Baghdad with electricity around the clock through investment.
He continued , "This system will be followed in 70% of the different areas of Iraq by next summer, in order to end the electricity crisis, so citizens will benefit from the electricity for 24 hours, next summer."
The Iraqi minister pointed to the existence of a large number of companies had bid for investment in the field of electric power supply, pointing out that the pricing would be "high".
According Fahdawi, the ministry sent to the Commission the power plant in Qayyarah (60 km south of Mosul) to follow up on their work and do damage control at the station.
On Tuesday, the Iraqi military said control of the oil refinery Qayyarah (includes generating the power plant), south of Mosul, after being able to defeat the "Daesh" terrorist ones.
Iraq has suffered from the constant interruptions of electric power, especially in the summer season , which reaches a temperature of 50 Celsius.
Iraq currently imports thousand megawatts of electricity from Iran fed four provinces, and imports 415 megawatts megawatts from Turkey, by barges for energy production, moored near the city of Basra, south of Baghdad, while the production of electric power in Iraq , nearly 14 thousand MW.