Bayati: 10 thousand fighters within the popular crowd taking part in the liberation of Mosul

MP for Turkmen component Jassim al - Bayati, Sunday, on the participation of more than 10,000 volunteers from the Turkmen and Christ and the clamp within the popular crowd and federal police in the liberation of Mosul operations "Daesh" criminal, and in anticipation of a dispute "Kurds - Sunni" in three provinces.
Jafar said, " The Turkmen and Christ and the people of Nineveh plain and Shabak we will participate within the federal forces through Etjez 10,000 fighters engaged in the ranks of the popular crowd , police and federal troops in the liberation of Mosul."
He said Jaafar said " You can not stop us liberate our land and our property any pretext and to impose a fait accompli for some ambitions . "