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    investment opportunity 31 8-27

    investment opportunity 32

    Author: Yasser incumbent

    8/28/2016 0:00

    It became clear the possibility of stimulating investment , who missed much because of the financial situation and the crisis that befell not only in Iraq alone , but in most developing countries , how?

    Not long ago we pointed out in a column in this field specifically to investment opportunity idealism in Karbala province to build an integrated city services to accommodate the expansion in terms of own designs suggest the possibility regarded as a model.

    today, after the head of the Investment Commission of Baghdad , Shaker al - Zamili detect display 32 completed and integrated investment opportunity and did not need to bother extra endures investor revisions, especially the resolution of the ownership and the ownership of land declared for the establishment of investment opportunities and which was the obstacle in the way of investments, including making Baghdad repulsive environment because of it and the fact it is good news and Baos hope can stimulate investment.

    She fully Basghae Madar from a televised interview with Zamili in the free program of Iraq , the economic terms were clarified variables on the measures to allow the Mstmr to proceed in implementing the project after receiving a license with ease
    Importance of opportunities? Investment is the extent of its contribution to achieving the development goals by activating the productive sectors and the fight against unemployment and tackle poverty and improve health and school services, certainly Zamili Eshrha in the context of his speech, the question is how much infrastructure to provide these opportunities? Is contained in the context of implementation?

    Eight priorities of these projects are very important issue where pointed to the importance of energy projects as a foundation to move the production development projects nerve question answered about himself. We hope to these investment opportunities of success with our discretion to determine the 45 days I think it 's not enough for feasibility studies give the opportunity for external offers
    and competition.

    Finally , we see an optimistic effort, and we will follow up the results to see the heads of Iraqi funds migratory Will you participate in this opportunity for the children of the country first built as the opportunity?

    On the Iraqi private sector real


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    Re: investment opportunity 31 8-27

    I am willing to invest they have my money I want some of theirs at a real rate

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