Iraq sells oil through Iran

2016-08-27 17:07:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Reuters news agency reported that the Iraqi government is considering the sale of oil via Iran if talks fail with the Kurds on oil revenue sharing agreement, according to a senior official at the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

The deputy oil minister, Fayyad grace, that the Iraqi government oil marketing organization (SOMO) is planning to hold talks with the Kurdistan Regional Government next week on Iraqi oil exported via Turkey.

He explained: "If you do not reach an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government will begin to find a way for the sale of oil because we need money, either to Iran or other countries."

Iraq relies 's second - biggest producer in OPEC after Saudi Arabia, the oil sales by 95 percent of public revenue, while the Iraqi economy reeling under the double impact of lower oil prices and the war against al Daesh.

In this context, Iraq 's Kurdistan region produces about 500 thousand barrels per day and exports of these quantities through Turkey, while Baghdad would not be able to redirect those quantities to Iran but to issue about 150 thousand barrels per day through Iran , which are produced in the neighboring province of Kirkuk could.