Jaafari: Iraq is making significant victories against the terrorist Daesh demolished by the Sons of Iraq

Ibrahim al - Jaafari , the Iraqi Foreign Minister , received on Saturday, US Ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones on the occasion of his diplomatic duties in Iraq ended, and during the meeting , review the progress of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington over the past period and mechanisms developed to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples and wished Jaafari Ambassador Muwafaqiya and success in the coming diplomatic mission, praising his role in supporting relations, development and open horizons of joint cooperation between the two countries, calling to open up more prospects for cooperation in various fields and benefit from the American experience and activate the agreements signed between the two agreements, pointing out that Iraq is making great victories against Daesh gangs terrorist demolished by the sons of Iraq brave who carry their souls to rest desist and fighting for himself and on behalf of the whole world and with the help of friendly countries and the international coalition, stressing that terrorism targeting the whole humanity and the nations of the world to intensify their efforts to eliminate this common threat, noting that Iraq needs the support of friendly countries it passes exceptional circumstances is the security challenge and the war against terrorists Daesh economic challenge and the drop in oil prices and the cost of the war, noting that the battle for Mosul require more efforts and coordination to accelerate the elimination of Daesh and the provision of humanitarian assistance to the displaced families and reduce the size of the losses gangs.
For his part, US Ambassador Stuart Jones , his country would continue to support Iraq in various fields and urged the international community to provide necessary to eliminate terrorism and the return of security and stability for Iraq supplies, pointing to the United States commitment to the agreements signed between the two countries and their quest to establish better relations, Thanks in advance for their ministry Foreign success of the work of the embassy in Baghdad.