Raise a new lawsuit against Damrtash and sentence of five years

Supreme Court of the Republic of Turkey in Adana filed a lawsuit against the president of the Democratic Peoples ' Party Salahuddin Dmartash, and asked the court to him five years in prison.
The court claimed that Dmartash the propaganda of "terrorist" organization in the history of October 15, 2011 during the city of Adana for the party's extraordinary party congress.
The court asked the prison for five years for Dmartash charges of propaganda and incitement of terrorism, it has been equipped with the Court's full.
Court procedures and turned the file into Diyarbakir , the Supreme Court began to implement the court 's ruling, but Salahuddin Dmartash did not attend the court even though the Diyarbakir court accepted the file and instructions Adana court.
The first court hearing in Diyarbakir will begin on the date of November 17 this year