Parliamentary Security Abadi calls to speed up the nomination of ministers of defense and interior

Called on the parliamentary security committee, defense, Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to expedite the nomination of ministers of defense and interior, as warned of "conspiracy" led by President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani , and the president of a coalition united against Osama Najafi Nineveh province.
The committee member said Iskandar and berries in a statement, said that " the security and defense committee had owned the viewpoint of the ministerial change in terms of replacing the security minister for the time being and leave the subject until the liberation of Mosul and then evaluated."
Tut and added that "the Committee is concerned about is the statements made ​​by the advocates of partitioning Kalparzana Najafi and in conjunction with the launch editor of Nineveh operations."
" The Abadi required to provide candidates for interior and defense and not watching those conspiracies and re hypopus to the armed forces and visited."
The House of Representatives voted in its meeting held the first Thursday, to withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi.