Kurdistan presented to Baghdad reset problems before the start of the battle of Mosul

The president of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, Erbil is ready to resolve all outstanding issues with Baghdad.
This came during a meeting with Barzani , the Republican senator from Texas , John Comey and his accompanying delegation in Erbil.
The House debate a few days ago between Baghdad and Erbil officials, having managed the Peshmerga control of several villages in central Alkwyr and Khazar from the grip of the organization Daesh east and southeast of Mosul.
He said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in repeated statements that the Peshmerga will not enter the city of Mosul , but will participate in the restoration of the stronghold Daesh process in Iraq, and the case of the elements of the popular crowd.
A statement by the Kurdistan Regional Government, said Senator Comey stressed the need for a strong coordination between Arbil and Baghdad and the Coalition to fight the battle to liberate Mosul, and stressed the need to remove the anxiety that prevails in the psyches of citizens in Mosul and the Sunni parties to guarantee the rights of everyone.
He revealed a spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister, Saad al - Hadithi, earlier in the activation of a joint operations room between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, in order to ensure the success of efforts concerning liberalization processes Nineveh.
Kurdish leaders insisted on the presence of ensuring the rights of minorities and political coordination for the post - Daesh before going into the battle of Mosul.
It seems that there is a consensus on the yellowing of the political problems before going into the upcoming battle.
For his part, Barzani stressed that the province is ready to resolve all problems with Baghdad through dialogue and wished to witness the coming period of many meetings and meetings between the two sides to increase coordination and cooperation , provided that the conductor agreed and clear of political, security, social and humanitarian and development side.
He also explained that the Peshmerga forces managed to achieve a lot of big victories on the outskirts of Mosul and opened many fronts for the liberation of the city and the rest of the areas that still lie under the control of Daesh.
Iraqi officials say the final battle to regain Mosul approached, as the US is expected to restore the city before the end of this year.