Tunisia .. parliament gives confidence to the new government

Granting people 's congress (parliament Tunisian), on Friday, in plenary confidence of national unity government headed by Yusuf witness, will succeed Habib Essid government, which pull them parliament confidence last July 30, after considerable criticism not effective in reviving the economy and fighting corruption.
The voting session was attended by 194 deputies of the total 217 parliament prepares them. According to Agence France - Presse.
Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasser announced that 167 deputies of the total 194 voted yes to the government in exchange for refusal to 22, while five deputies abstained from voting.
According to the Tunisian constitution , the government must gain the confidence of the absolute majority ie 109 MPs.
Witness leadership in Tunis Appeal Party, founded in 2012 , Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi, and was Minister of Local Affairs Habib Essid government.
It consists Yusuf 's government witness of 26 ministers , including six women, and 14 as minister of state , including two women.
He was 11 of those members of the government of the beloved fishing, has kept seven of them on the same bags they ministers of defense, interior and foreign affairs, tourism, transport, education and processing.
And it includes a national unity government and independent ministers and others belong to the six parties are "Call of Tunisia" and the Islamic Renaissance Movement , both of which have a majority of seats in parliament, and "prospects" (8 seats) and "initiative" (3 ​​seats) and "Republican" (one seat) and "track" (not represented in parliament).