Post. Scales: General Amnesty Law; call for reform and reconciliation ...!
18:29 pm (Baghdad time)
Writes: Falah Torch
Parliamentary vote on the amnesty law is an important turning point in the lives of thousands of Iraqi families, Amnesty awaited the prisoners nearly eight years should be the birth of a new covered by it because they are out of prison and segregation to integration again to society and return to the family and normal life.
Hence, the prison experience and bitterness must be corrected many errors committed without the knowledge of the negative consequences.
There is no doubt that the law legislation that would put the Iraqi courts in the activity is unprecedented in the formation of committees to audit covered by leaves, and the achievement of the release and the lifting of the ban, seizure and other whitening Almovernmman pages and covered procedures.
Schools Social Psychology agree on the importance of rehabilitation being released from prison after isolation from the community for many years, and because the reality lived backward in this respect, the task will be received on the shoulders of families and forgiven them specifically.
More than half covered by the amnesty are suspects under the law of four terrorism, or by the confidential informant that destroyed hundreds or thousands of families and caused Bmassaib and the ravages not be considered and the countless, which is the result of years of shipping and sectarian conflict, so we call upon the security of our troops and judicial Mnzawmatna to demonstrate national spirit and avoid any slippery slope sectarian pay for more losses and sacrifices in this country inspissated wounds and pain.
Big congratulation and congratulations for each of the respondents of the amnesty law, and we hope that their freedom to be new Moosa's life is full of work, peace and good for them and for the nation.