Parliament will vote on the amnesty law and withdraw confidence from the al-Obeidi and questioned Zebari

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House of Representatives voted in its regular XIV, headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 262 deputies on Thursday, 25/08/2016 at the general amnesty law as well as the withdrawal of confidence from Khalid al-Obeidi, the defense minister was questioned as Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

A statement by the Media Department of the parliament on Thursday that "the President of the Council congratulated the outset of the meeting, on behalf of the House of Representatives, the Iraqi people on the occasion of the victories achieved by the armed forces in the liberation of hand Qayyarah in Nineveh province."

This was followed by MP Ahmad al-Jubouri statement on behalf of the Vice Nineveh province on the occasion of Liberation hand Qayyarah after Daesh under control for more than two years, indicating that the terms offered hundreds of martyrs at the hands of terrorist Daesh gangs and edited a good omen for the Liberation of Mosul and Nineveh province full, "praising the armed forces in various different forms for their contribution to achieving the great victory, demanding the support of the crowd and tribal arm to grab the land and contribute to maintaining security and return of displaced persons.

Read MP Ali Mutaiota a statement on the situation of displaced people in Hol refugee camp on the border with Syria, calling for a serious stand and binding on the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to rescue more than 3,500 citizens stranded at the border waiting for their income after they leave the territory seized by Daesh.

Said al-Jubouri, the allocation of Saturday's session to evaluate the work of the House of Representatives, performance and the obstacles that hinder the functions of the House of Representatives, stressing the importance of the survival of the House of Representatives in the Council Chamber and respect the results of the vote entailed by any law is displayed with respect for freedom of opinion each deputy regarding the issues to a vote.

And on completion of the interrogation and the defense minister procedures Parliament Speaker stressed that the case lacks motivation personally with the Minister of Defense, announcing the assignment of the stay on the platform of the Presidency during the paragraph concerning the Secretary of Defense and commissioning Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of the Council of running the meeting the desire of him to ward off any concern some might is.

Then followed the Committee on Women, Family and Children issued a statement presented the congratulations of Iraqi women, especially Alaesideat them on the occasion of choosing citizenship Nadia Murad Goodwill Ambassador, pointing out that "the choice of Nadia Murad will be an important support Alazediat for survivors of terrorism Daesh and definition of their suffering and be the cause of Iraqi women at the center of international attention , demanding enactment of laws that concern women. "

On the other hand, the Council voted on a draft of the amnesty law and provided legal and human rights committees in order to provide an opportunity for those who cover of Iraqis in return for integration into public life and to foster a spirit of tolerance and reform in society.

And on the updating procedure is Article 61 of the Constitution and rules of procedure regarding the interrogation of al-Obeidi said Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, Chairman of the meeting that the council after the vote on not being content with an answer and defense minister in the questioning session received a request from a number of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the defense minister and who will be in accordance with the vote of the absolute majority of the number of attendees at the meeting.

Council resorted to paper voting to resolve the question of the approval of the withdrawal of confidence from the defense minister or not what has been assigned a special committee to supervise the counting of votes of the House of Representatives.

Then announced Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, the participation of 262 deputies in the vote of no confidence or not for al-Obeidi, adding that "an absolute majority is not an absolute majority of the number of council members to withdraw confidence from the prime minister," noting that "the absolute majority in the event of withdrawal of confidence Minister for means a majority of those present at the meeting after a quorum for it. "

The Council voted to withdraw confidence from the defense minister with the approval of 142 deputies and 102 objection recorded in 18-sheet void out of 262 deputies. Then the Council ended the first reading of a proposed law to the board of the popular crowd and the forces of him.

The Council voted on the recommendations concerning the obstacles to liberalization of Nineveh province, a process based on the application submitted by MP Ahmad al-Jarba, and include the formation of a religious committee, social, tribal and political situation processors social problems left behind by the organizing Daesh as well as the importance of a liberalization of Nineveh province, a major target for each participating forces and work to support the employees of Nineveh police formations crowd clan with the necessary heavy weapons and mechanisms in addition to that, the Ministry of Displacement and migration to build camps that can accommodate at least 150,000 families and 50,000 displaced people as a first stage in the Haj areas and Depkh and oboist with the importance of forcing the prime minister to issue orders to the ministries of defense and they need to receive all internal employees of Nineveh and the abolition of investigative boards.

On the other hand questioned the Council, Hoshyar Zebari, the Minister of Finance at the request of the Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri. He welcomed the President of the House of Representatives the Minister of Finance, adding that "questioning the practice is far from personal things democracy", alluding to the history of the Minister of Finance in the service of Iraq in international forums, praising the attorney Haitham al-Jubouri and possessed of capabilities and experience, alluding to the mechanisms adopted in the process of questioning.

At the outset of the interrogation MP Haitham al-Jubouri, a question to the Minister of Finance to ensure an inquiry about his renting a private jet at $ 90,000 dollars despite a ban on financial budget to rent planes for all parties with the exception of the three presidencies.

In response, Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance stressed his respect for the Constitution and the law, denying the use of an amount of $ 90,000 from the Ministry of Finance's budget or the Iraqi state to pay the wages of renting the plane, noting that the payment was from private sources.

For his part, MP Jubouri display documents related to claim travel and deployment to Bahrain, aircraft leasing, although the invitation was addressed to the Foreign Minister and not the Minister of Finance also said Bahrain's Conference regards political issues.

Zebari pointed to the respect of legal contexts, especially the signing of any financial document does not mean cashed by the ministry, stressing that "the BSA checked the advances for dispatch and resolution, stressing possession of documents proving scrutiny Court documents submitted by the questioner," noting that "the call for dialogue Manama comes politically because he has a role in the political process since 2003 ".

He inquired MP Haitham al-Jubouri, from the Minister of Finance with the exception of the exchange ratio and increase the hospitality expenses of his office to 50 million dinars per month as opposed to the law of financial management.

In replying to the Minister of Finance stressed that the financial management and indicates when it is not approving the budget, the exchange 1/12 and sometimes exchange will be based on the powers 1/18 in 2014, but the measure was only a matter of hospitality delegations during 2015 where he held discussions of the Committee ministerial own review of the financial budget for the 2015 law did not exchange up to the amount mentioned or even half of it, noting that the exchange was compensatory and not a month, stressing not commit any violation of the law, according to financial audits.

And accept the Attorney-Jubouri private Exchange 2015 documents include amounts spent for the purposes of hospitality.

Zebari stressed that the amounts involved are based on the budget allocations disbursed in a month and what has been said has been within the legal contexts. He asked the Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri, from the rental of homes to the minister and officials escorts ministry and first secretary in the office of the minister and official protection of large amounts of money are exaggerated and are not based on previous approvals for rent especially since the instructions and implementation of the budget refers to the need to obtain approvals by the Prime Minister before proceeding to leases.

In his response, Minister of Finance explained that the lease was not new and had since 2003, but moved the rent from the Foreign Ministry document to the Ministry of Finance based on the approvals are ratified, alluding to the formation of a committee to negotiate with the landlord to reduce the price of rent in the house, denying rent any homes for members of his office or his protection.

And display MP Haitham al-Jubouri, a copy of a special rent a house has been rented for the benefit of officials to protect the minister. In replying to the Minister of Finance he noted that the information provided partial especially since the amounts are not disbursed even if they include approvals from the Minister.

He said the Attorney-Jubouri to the minister to allocate large sums of money amounting to more than two billion dinars from the Ministry of Finance account for the transfer of the minister and protection personnel totaling 450 people between Arbil and Baghdad, according to a ministerial order issued by the minister because of the poor security situation.

Among Zebari said movement of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad came after control Daesh on all roads were resorting to transfer security personnel across the aircraft, adding that such movements were not confined to the Ministry of Finance, but the ministries of several According to a ministerial order and for a limited period.

He asked MP questioned the appointment of 450 as a bodyguard to the minister and his transfer of their contracts from the State Department to financial unlike the budget bill as of 11/01/2014.

He said the Minister of Finance that he has not been assigned any individual but was renewed annual contracts in the case of a necessity with the possibility of being transferred from one party to another, asserting reduced the number to 396 element based on the policy of austerity.

He asked the Attorney-Jubouri exchange for food allowances to protect the personal minister's 450 caravans and processing and maintenance of the house of Massoud Barzani, amounting to 200 million dinars.

In replying to the Minister of Finance stressed that the protection is not someone the minister but to the building of the Ministry of Finance, adding that the alternate location or by a ministry property to hold private meetings in the ministry and includes several role, mostly belonging to the Real State and one of them is dedicated to Barzani, but it is not furnished, but has maintained an amount not to exceed 49 million dinars, according to the law and regulations. And MP Haitham al-Jubouri that the Ministry of Finance failed to request the extradition of part of the profits of TBI to the public treasury, according to the order of 20 for the year 2003 issued by the Coalition Provisional Authority.

In response to the Minister of Finance said that the ministry has repeatedly demanded TBI returns its profits to the government, according to official and documented claims adding that the bank not to transfer any money to the Development Fund due to transfer of profits accruing to the capital increase.

Attorney-Jubouri and ask a question about the reasons for the failure to take the minister appropriate punitive measures for failure firm ironing Card] not final accounts authentication since 2009 to now.

Responding, the minister said the ministry had approached the Supreme Audit regarding the global data for the company ironing card that did not submit their ministry out, adding that the ministry has stopped commissioning the company to deliver salaries to employees and contractors exception of retirees until the statement of financial and legal position and approached the Integrity Commission regarding the company's wrongdoing and to form a committee investigative from the central bank and the ministry to look into complaints against the company.

He noted the MP Jubouri to the existence of delay in the granting of investment approvals for drugs State, which led to reduced revenue from this side.

In turn, said the Minister of Finance that the situation in Iraq represents a repulsive environment for investment for several reasons, as the Ministry of Finance is not a legal entity that grants investment, but to grant the land after obtaining official approvals, stressing that the ministry did not take long facilitating investment procedures in case of approvals in the Investment Authority in the provinces select the rent.

Inquired MP Haitham al-Jubouri for downloading the Ministry of Finance grant of security risks of sovereign binding for the government to some of the companies on behalf of some banks, particularly Bank of Commerce. In response Zebari pointed out that all sovereign guarantees granted to certain companies is done through the decision of the Council of Ministers, explaining the ministry to address the Council of Ministers to limit the provision of sovereign guarantees.

He asked the Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri on doing, regardless of some amounts to the Kurdistan region contrary to the provisions of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2015, in turn, said the Minister of Finance that he did not, regardless of any payments to the province, or any other agency outside the framework of the budget law, pointing to the existence of a sovereign expenses and governor.

At the end of the interrogation President of the Council thanked the Minister of Finance to attend the questioning session and a professional that prevailed through asking questions. Also praised MP Haitham al-Jubouri, the role of the House of Representatives in the activation of its oversight role.

For his part, Finance Minister expressed his pride practice of democracy in the process of questioning as a constitutional right, alluding to his willingness to make the files of corruption to the Integrity Commission in the case of its existence. And then it decides to adjourn the meeting on Saturday 27/8/2016.