Alwani: new alliances will be announced within days to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki in the next legislative term
Date: Monday 23/04/2012 12:16

Baghdad (news) .. MP for / coalition in Iraq / Ahmad al-Alwani, the formation of new alliances for the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister in the next legislative term, which will be announced in the coming days, accusing the state of law to hold the National Congress of stalling.
Alwani said in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Monday: There are no real signs of it can break the crisis and solve the problem on the political scene, accusing the state of law not to desire to hold a national conference.
He added that requests for the Iraqi National List is not impossible and there is an initiative of President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani and can be consulted to resolve the problems but there is no sincere intentions by state law to resolve those problems.
He said the Attorney for the coalition in Iraq to: that there is a political blocs have not satisfied with what is going on in the political process of escalation and spasm and can thus be new alliances issued an important decision and dangerous, a withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki may happen during the legislative term next year.
Alwani, who did not disclose the blocks, which includes the new alliance, said: The new alliances will withdraw confidence from the Maliki and the will of the Interior.
He was a member State of Law coalition MP / National Alliance / Mansour al-Tamimi, a delay explained the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference, due to the development of the Iraqi List, items not agreed upon after the end of each meeting of the Committee.
Timimi said in an earlier statement (the news): The political blocs agree on the appointment of the Preparatory Committee is meeting, and after it ends "undermines" the meeting through the development of the Iraqi List, items not agreed upon, and continued: in the event of continuing the policy of Iraq in this way on preparations for the National Conference , it can not avail of the conference.