Badr: We will not allow to pass the amnesty law a format that allows for the exit of terrorists

BAGHDAD / ... MP for Bader 's parliamentary bloc mheibes Razak, on Thursday, said his bloc will not let pass the amnesty law that will allow current Digth exit of terrorists and murderers of the Iraqi people.
He mheibes's "Eye of Iraq News," " The draft of the amnesty law , which was sent from the government which is not any gaps , but is an integrated draft and a large matures."
"The dispute happened as a result of the amendments made ​​by the parliamentary legal committee, which we believe it will allow the exit of terrorists or hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis." Mheibes He stressed that "we will not allow to pass the law in its current form , which permit the exit of the terrorists, in any way , " .anthy 3