Deputy calls for resolving sensitive issues to vote away from the closed rooms

BAGHDAD / ... MP for the coalition of law Haider Mawla, Thursday, on the need to resolve the crucial issues and sensitive political vote and the majority within the parliament away from the consensus within the closed rooms.
He said the Lord's "Eye of Iraq News," " The parliament session for today will be a bus several topics , including the questioning of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and complete the questioning of the defense minister and the vote on the amnesty law procedures." "The Mantmanah that going parliamentary session vocabulary of legal form and natural context away from any actions may give an unfortunate messages about the performance of the parliament." " The interrogation is a constitutional and legal right of the House of Representatives, and we believe that Tzeysh or turn it into a conflict between the blocs is ordered us to move away from the main objective of it." He said the Lord , "the need to respect the will of the Alakthreh from all sides and that is thrown sensitive issues to a vote away from the consensus within the closed doors and leave the crucial decision of the members of parliament." Ended 3