Libyan Council of Representatives threatened to sue the United Nations

Threatened the Libyan Council of Representatives, the United Nations body persecuting before the International Court of Justice in The Hague for "violating the Constitution and the Charter of Libya and sovereignty", according to the "middle gate" Wednesday.
The head of the Libyan Parliament, the wife of Saleh in a letter addressed to the Secretary - General of the United Nations Ban Ki - moon on Tuesday, and dissemination Delegate of Libya to the United Nations article Ibrahim Dabbashi through his account on the site "Facebook" on Wednesday , "The conduct of the Secretariat of the United Nations with the representation of Libya in the meetings of the Organization makes it part of the Libyan problem, and would increase the complexity of the Libyan scene, and contribute to the prolongation of the division, and will deepen all attempts to resolve the Libyan crisis, and if this intransigence of the United Nations position continued to be forced the House of Representatives to file a complaint before a court international Court of Justice against the United Nations, for violating the Constitution and the Charter of Libyans and the sovereignty of Libya. "
He cautioned the wife in his letter to the Secretary - General of the United Nations "to the premature recognition and unjustified for the Security Council in its resolution No. (2259) for the year 2015 the government of national reconciliation before it is formed, it does not give the right to the Secretariat of the United Nations , in violation of the Libyan Constitution and the Charter of the United Nations to impose a group of people on the Libyan people under the name of the national reconciliation government as an alternative to the legitimate government, and invite them to represent Libya at the United Nations meetings. "