GROHE EcoJoy tech facilitates mosques’ water supply needs

SAVING water is one of the key aspects of environmental protection and sustainability around the world. This is all the more important as not all regions of the world have a positive water balance. In many places, evaporation exceeds precipitation, forcing people to manage their water consumption as efficiently as possible. This problem has already prompted GROHE to develop products that have helped users save water for many years.
Today, the company offers a full range of products featuring GROHE EcoJoy technology for all areas of the bathroom and the kitchen sink. In the context of an international project, GROHE installs water-efficient products in the ablution rooms of mosques to help the respective regions achieve a sustainable reduction in water consumption.
For GROHE, its responsibility for people and their most important resource, water, is not only confined to manufacturing sustainable products but is also a holistic task. One of the company’s many environmental protection measures is the Green Mosque Initiative in the Middle East, where water is scarce and, hence, precious and expensive. Muslim worshippers’ ritual ablutions consume between 10 and 15 litres of water per day. Every possibility to save water therefore has a great impact on consumption. As mosques play an important role in people’s day-to-day lives, they are particularly well suited to inform as many visitors as possible of the need to use water sparingly.
GROHE EcoJoy products save water and costsIn the context of the Green Mosque Initiative GROHE and its local partners have equipped the main mosques in the Middle East and North Africa with efficient water fittings, thereby turning them into Green Mosques. Water consumption for the cleansing rituals has been reduced by roughly 30 percent. This is good for the environment and helps cut costs. GROHE EcoJoy products integrate water-saving technology that reduces consumption without compromising on comfort, enjoyment and effect of the water. The mosques and the people in the region thus benefit from the forward-looking GROHE project. Since 2009, GROHE has launched the Green Mosque Initiative in many countries including the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The successful program has won the 2014 SABRE Award and was shortlisted for the gold award in 2016.