Sunni blocs meet al - Jubouri 's house to discuss the "procrastination" General Amnesty Law

2016-08-24 22:41:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Iraqi forces held an alliance that represents the year in the parliament and the government blocks on a Wednesday evening meeting at the home of House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri.

According to an informed source, said the coalition forces blocks hold an expanded meeting Jubouri 's house to discuss the situation of "procrastination" on the adoption of the amnesty law.

The parliament is unable to approve the amnesty law more than once what was raised about it by controversy because of provisions in the law.

The points of disagreement concerning Palmhmolin general amnesty, and arrested on charges of Article "4 terror" and the site re - investigation and trial.

It is scheduled that the law includes a large number of convicts and detainees , including convicted of murder if there is a compromise and reconciliation with the victim, and does not include those convicted in accordance with Article "4 terrorism."

The amnesty also includes debtors to people or to the State , provided the payment is discharged from the debt at once or in installments.