Blocks are united and the citizen and the Liberal avert the dismissal of the Minister of Defense
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Liberals blocks and citizen and united managed to abort the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, after the withdrawal of members of the House of Representatives Hall led to a breach of quorum, and postpone deciding the fate of al - Obeidi , a hearing next Thursday.
The Council of Representatives, yesterday, its the presence of 214 deputies, but that this number will soon decrease to only 149 deputies after subtracting paragraph to vote on the grill and defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, which breached the quorum of the meeting.
according to the reporter (range) in the parliament, the retreating they are all members of the liberal bloc and the mass of citizens and are united, as well as MPs from the different blocks.
presented two requests contradictory of the House of Representatives to the presidency of the parliament; the first presented by 64 deputies to view the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi in front of the House of Representatives, while the second carried the signature of about 67 deputies calling for the postponement of the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from al - Obeidi , until the completion of judicial proceedings and sensitivity security conditions for the liberalization of Nineveh province. A parliamentary source said in an interview to the (long - Presse) that " the withdrawal of Representatives violated the quorum of the meeting."
the sources have revealed (range), recently, for the efforts made ​​by the President of the coalition are united Osama Najafi to prevent the dismissal of defense Minister Khaled Obeidi, who belongs to the coalition Tdon.oukalt sources said Najafi within the consent of the masses of the Liberal and the citizen, as well as some Kurdish parties, to keep the defense minister, although the House vote, a majority, the lack of conviction Bojobth during the questioning session.
In this endeavor Obeidi bloc have ensured around 70 parliamentary vote, and succeeded with breaching quorum meeting. Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives are not allowed, to postpone the confidence put forward by the Minister questioned, if the vote of no conviction Bojobth.
Furthermore, forced political differences to postpone the vote on the amnesty law for the second time, to be introduced in the next session.
The House of Representatives has postponed, on Monday last, the vote on the amnesty law for lack of quorum after the withdrawal of the majority of the National Alliance blocks in protest against certain provisions of the controversial law.
at issue is Article 8 of the amnesty law, which allows reviewing the files of those sentenced to Article 4 terrorism, if they claimed extract confessions by coercion or because confidential informant.
the national bloc, a subsidiary of Iyad Allawi, has revealed (range), on Monday, all the blocs agree on the contentious items in the amnesty law, and it is preparing to pass in Tuesday 's session.
the MP said Kadhim al - Shammari said talks ended hours of Tuesday 's session before and "resulted from that agreement." " The National Alliance is convinced the bill no longer has fears of leakage terrorists while the adoption of amnesty."
A parliamentary source said, yesterday, that "Parliament Speaker Salim al adjourn the meeting to be held on Thursday (25 August 2016) , " noting that " session witnessed a majority vote to postpone the vote on the amnesty law to the next meeting. "
the source added that" the meeting also saw the postponement of the vote in principle on the law of the victims of justice, and vote on the legal proponents of the abolition of dissolved Revolutionary command Council resolutions 213 of 2002 and No. 80 for the year 2000 ".
Moreover, the bill" accountability and justice , "the House of Representatives was not presented, although included in yesterday 's session agenda.
Commenting on this, the legal Committee of the parliamentary revealed, for the decline of the differences on the general amnesty law , one paragraph.
the MP said Mohsen al - Sadoun, chairman of the legal Committee at a joint news conference with members of the Committee was held at the parliament and attended (range press), said that "on Monday, agreeing on most of the material has seen a draft of the amnesty law and inventory differences one paragraph , " noting that "terrorist crimes and crimes of subversion of state institutions and the killing of troops Iraq will not include a general amnesty law. "
He added Sadoun that" among the crimes not covered by the general amnesty law crimes , rape, adultery , incest, crimes of human trafficking and drugs, in addition to the kidnappings that lead to murder or mutilation of the kidnapped , "stressing that" the law will be put to a vote at the session next Thursday . " for his part , MP Kamel al - Zaidi, a member of the legal committee , said, " The general amnesty law would not include foreigners, but Iraqis only , "adding that" postponed to Thursday 's meeting, come to complete all legal formulations. "