Parliament reveals the "two states" want to keep al-Obeidi and explains why

BAGHDAD / .. revealed Badr bloc in Parliament, on Wednesday, the existence of regional countries want to keep the defense minister Khaled al - Obeidi his job, while showed that Iran and Turkey want it all than him. As he put it
A member of the Bloc MP Haneen Qaddo's "Eye of Iraq News," that "there are regional countries rely on some of the figures in Iraq, in order to have an active and moving a fraction her political work or implement its own agenda," he said, "Khaled al-Obeidi (maybe) It has special projects with Osama Najafi after the liberation of Nineveh, and turn it into a province. " He added that "Turkey and Iran, want to retain Khalid in his ministry and the office, and each of them than," adding that "Iran does not want political changes in Iraq, and postponed until after the liberation of Nineveh, while Turkey is trying to keep al-Obeidi, also because it believes the commander optimized for editing operations is al-Obeidi, and turn the province after that to the same ethnic and sectarian nature of the regions. " It ended 6