Parliamentary Finance explain the reasons for the lack of housing loans

BAGHDAD / .. the parliamentary finance committee confirmed Tuesday, the lack of sufficient liquidity to provide housing loans to citizens, as pointed out that the increase in oil prices may make the government is able to provide a cash stream for it.
The committee member said Sarhan, Ahmad's "Eye of Iraq News," "The managers of banks (industrial, agricultural and real estate), they had expressed their willingness at the beginning of this year to provide loans for the completion of projects that relate to Bachtsasm," noting that "under the current circumstances through which the country , monetary and exchange on the military operations, we do not have sufficient liquidity to provide housing loans. " Ahmed added that "the government may give housing loans, in case of availability of funds, and this is done through higher oil prices, or increased at the request of foreign loans," explaining that "loans tranquility of the citizens are of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, one of decide, but do not I think that Iraq can provide these are loans. " The head of the committee to solve the housing crisis in Parliament Abdul Hadi al-Hakim, said on Monday, the end of his committee to develop a proposal PAH law after holding meetings in this particular series, noting that the proposed law to ensure the distribution of plots of land on the "poor and needy" and give them loans to build houses on land they receive. It ended 6