Full elimination of al-Obeidi stabbed in the case of the Speaker of Parliament

BAGHDAD / Sky Press
Integrity issues received competent criminal court, Wednesday, lodged appeals Tmizaan offered by the President of the Integrity Commission and the Secretary of Defense on the investigation into the cause of the charges brought against the President of the Parliament, Salim al. It came the document issued by the court and got "Sky Press," a copy of it, that "the investigative judge of integrity issued in the ninth of this August, a decision to close the investigation temporarily on the charges against parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri," indicating that "the head of the Integrity Commission and Defense Minister Khaled tired Yassin request to appeal this decision discriminates Bloaiham, where the securities offered to the public prosecutor, who asked ratify the decision and put the papers featured the subject of scrutiny and deliberation. " The document noted that "the Commission issued its decision follows in which he came up with the investigation and deliberation observed that the motions submitted relating to the same subject and thus unification decided and acceptance form, and found to be true and OK with the law and therefore it has been authenticated reportedly challenged discriminatory," pointing out that "this decision was issued agreement pursuant to the provisions of Article 265 of fundamentalism in the August 24, 2016. "