DHI international investment conference embraces the end of the year

2016/8/24 8:41

{Qar: Euphrates news} revealed the Dhi bonded undercover soldiers, Wednesday, to maintain an international investment will end this year.

Aboudi said the Agency {Euphrates news} today, "after entering the southern marshes and the effects on the World Heritage list-mp and Council declaration that sustaining an investment safe, conservative Council form a Committee to establish the Commission for ads travel guide".

"The alasthmari will hold a conference later this year to attract investors and tourists with the participation of international and Arab companies, foreign and domestic."

The international investment conference held in Basra in 27 of last July in the presence of representatives of 13 international specialized company for the purpose of completing the great port of Faw tendig and check out the views on the type of contract, partnership and make the port of Faw in effect by creating all over and escort.