United Nations expects "huge exodus" from Mosul
Tuesday 23-08-2016
| 12:51:16
Twilight News High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations, Tuesday /, said that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in and around Mosul may be forced to flee because of the army offensive to restore the city to organize Daesh.

He said Adrian Edwards, UNHCR spokesman in a statement to reporters, "in Mosul believe that the IDPs situation could worsen significantly."

He added that the Commission needs more land for the establishment of the camps.

"The humanitarian impact of the military offensive is expected to be enormous and probably affected about 1.2 million the attack."

And it pushed the process launched by the Iraqi forces to restore Mosul, thousands of civilians to flee to camps in northern Iraq, lacking basic equipment necessary to receive them.

While the Iraqi army rushes slowly toward Mosul, the starting point of Qayyarah Air Force Base, which recently recovered, to the west of the Tigris River, Iraqi leaders said they are trying to alleviate the humanitarian tragedy for civilians, by encouraging some families not to leave. http://www.ara.shafaaq.com/89344