A draft law to grant the poor and squatters land plots and housing loans

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 00:27 GMT

MP for the mass of the citizen and the head of the parliamentary solution to the crisis housing Abd al-Hadi al-Hakim, said on Tuesday that his committee "has completed the drafting of the Public Authority for Housing Act after a series of meetings held in this regard."

The MP-Hakim said in a statement, "The committee hosted the last meeting of representatives of ministers, agents and representatives of the ministries concerned and the Central Bank and National Authority for Investment and National Business Council as well as members of the committee of economy and investment parliamentary Finance Committee and the Committee of parliamentary services and members of the House of Representatives."

He said, "The members of After extensive discussions to discuss ways to address the housing stop conferees crisis to put the construction of residential complexes and low cost, and with the support of donor countries to the presence of the ability to complete the housing projects for the poor and the needy and the owners of the squatter and contribute to solving a big part of this problem the project."

"The committee has reached a drafting (Public Authority for Housing Act), which in turn will be submitted to the government for approval before the legislation in the House of Representatives to vote it."

The MP pointed Hakim that "the draft law provided for the distribution of spare land for free to build a house or apartments on the poor and the needy and the squatters with the provision of loans to the beneficiaries of the banks paid by affordable installments over three years to 25 years without the benefits of the Government is to pay interest on the loan to banks" .

And proliferated in recent years, the phenomenon of slums and to encroach upon the land and state property, because of the economic conditions of the state and citizens, and the difficulty of obtaining legal residence, because of the high cost of land and housing role.

The war against al "Daesh" also exacerbated, the housing crisis in several parts of Iraq, in the presence of nearly four million people displaced and tens of thousands of destroyed homes, according to UN statistics.

And increased the country's need for residential units, from 3 million units in June 2014, before entering the Daesh and expand their operations in the provinces, to 4 million units in the current time, according to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh's remarks Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.