Proposals to revitalize the economy of the family

8/24/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
The existence of institutions to secure loans is an important factor for strengthening trust between funders and borrowers given the large role that this factor plays in increasing the granting of credit and ease of reimbursement of advances in support of the family economy and loans, at a time when the public need of increasing to set up income-generating projects amid the desire to work together with the existence of unemployment .

In this regard, economic researcher Lubna al-Shammari stressed the need to speed up the release of loans and advances to citizens to ensure recovered by activating and find a guarantor institutions limit the resort to personal advances among individuals to the presence of some of the risks related to confidence.

Household economy

Shammari felt in an interview for «morning» that the use of individuals to this type of financing came after the difficulty in obtaining loans from banks, although most of them are productive loans for families and income-generating, or even investment, particularly in the residential sector.

She added that the revitalization of the family economy is supporting small loans for projects for the manufacture of spare parts or products to enter into complementary industries as parts of larger cars made of plastic, for example, as the case in industrialized countries.

She pointed out that the guarantee bank deposits, the law represents a greater protection for each of the banks and citizens and ensure the recovery of their money from borrowers, or vice versa if they deposit funds in banks, which would speed up the access to bank loans to carry out their activities or walk guardians, especially that some of them may be affected produce his or compelling circumstances beyond his control, but he was able to continue after receiving funds from a loan or Advance contribute to the re-productive activities.

Credit sources

And operating in Iraq, a company specializing Bank Guarantees aims to increase the force of small and medium enterprises to sources of credit by providing partial guarantees for loans granted by the banks contributing to a capital company and the banks participating program of security to small and medium enterprises and through entering into partnership with private banks and take risks with it so as to provide a growing ability to support and develop the private sector through an increase in secured loans to these projects
in Iraq.

Additional income

Shammari stressed the need to facilitate the task of small and medium enterprises to obtain loans owners to finance their projects so as to provide them with an income «additional» by increasing or creating jobs for leads to the result of the evolution of the economic reality Of the country.

He noted that economic researcher to launch a guaranteed repayment of loans would activate the economic aspects such as transport and increased recruitment of manpower in various projects and reduce the unemployment rate to reasonable rates, especially for graduates and young people.

Central Initiative

She said Iraq's economy now need to activate after a period of recession and the best way to activate it is to activate the central bank's own initiative tablets banks six Trillions dinars, and the liberated areas need reconstruction, noting that suitable for activating the initiative to contribute to the achievement of the overall economic benefit of all sectors of opportunity specialized production benefiting from this initiative.