Abadi: 2017 budget is facing significant financial deficit and we have identified where the price of oil to $ 35

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 21:14

The prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi said "the government's economic plan will be implemented in the coming days despite the drop in world oil prices." Ebadi said during a press conference held after the discussion of the Council of Ministers of the budget for the fiscal year 2017, "we wanted in the crisis cell to raise the price of a barrel of Iraqi oil in the budget to bridge the shortfall in the payment of employees and retirees' salaries and provide services to citizens," noting that "we have identified a price of $ 35 per barrel of oil within 2017 budget. "

Abadi noted that "the government has succeeded in managing its financial crisis by not reduce the salaries of the staff," noting that "the 2017 budget allocated functional grades for the health sector and the local police and the popular crowd in Mosul."

He pointed out that "some people want the collapse of the state through leaking incorrect information to the citizens that the government would do such and such so raises confusion", he underlined that "there is a great deal of international cooperation with Iraq to fight corruption and expose the corrupt."

He noted the prime minister that "the 2017 budget suffers from a significant fiscal deficit due to lack of oil imports, compared with a rise of employees and retirees salary cap," adding that "the private sector is important and Snscherkh with the public sector, because it can not rely on oil imports, mainly in the financing of the state thus snares two sectors is necessary to supplement the state money and create jobs for citizens. "

He went Abadi, saying that "the state pays the salaries of employees and retirees and social network nearly seven million people," the protection and the prime minister that he "ordered my book the return of displaced people to the cities of the vine and the Saqlawiyah will be issued after checking the displaced and ensure that there is no Daesh terrorist gangs in these two cities," noting "the Daesh gangs fighting ability declined after the killing of hundreds of them in various cutters operations."

He concluded by saying that "Daesh the enemy of all of us and we provide efforts between us and the Kurdistan region to eliminate it and everybody made a sacrifice for Iraq and we will work all for the purpose of freeing the Nineveh province of Conception Daesh terrorist gangs," explaining that "the security forces are fighting in Mosul in order to edit, and the salvation of their people from the threat of terrorism, and that the people of Mosul will manage on their own after the liberation of Daesh. "

"The Turkish troops are on our territory without an invitation from the Iraqi government," explaining that "the Iraqi government approved a general amnesty law and we call on the House to approve."