Hakim coalition reveals reasons "thwarted" the withdrawal of confidence from the Secretary of Defense

Tuesday 23 August 2016 | 19:48
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BAGHDAD / .. revealed the citizen coalition led by Ammar al-Hakim, on Tuesday, for reasons thwarted to withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, stressing that there was no political or prior coordination between the political blocs to thwart the agreement to withdraw confidence from al-Obeidi.

The MP said the coalition Mohammad Masoudi's "Eye of Iraq News," that "the most important reasons for the failure of withdrawal of confidence from the defense minister and the withdrawal of deputies blocs of the citizen and the Liberals and some lawmakers is to complete the liberation of Mosul operations, especially now that the security forces are engaged in fierce for the Liberation battles hand Qayyarah subsidiaries Nineveh, "noting that" the withdrawal of confidence from defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi will greatly affect the morale of the fighters in the fronts. "

Among Masoudi "The questioning of the Minister of Defense and the withdrawal of confidence by the political and unprofessional and answers Defence Minister was convincing and questions directed to him weak and devoid of any evidence to convict him," explaining that "the parliament voted unanimously on the conviction answers and defense minister, but the confusion that took place in the meeting made it that Parliament is He convinced and was scheduled to restore the House of Representatives vote on the conviction Obeidi answers or not. "

The President of the Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, Tuesday, postponement of the parliamentary vote on the withdrawal of confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi to lack of quorum.

The deputies blocs of Liberals and citizen withdrew on Tuesday from the 13th session of the first legislative term of the third legislative year to protest the display of withdrawal of confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi of the vote, which hampered the continuation