.. Urgently raise the Iraqi flag over the refinery Qayyarah

2016/8/23 18:08


Security forces raised the Iraqi flag over the refinery in Qayyarah edit hand Qayyarah center south of the city of Mosul process.

According to a statement to the media Khaya-Harbi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that "pieces of anti-terrorism device liberated refinery Qayyarah and raised the Iraqi flag after Daesh inflict losses in lives and equipment."

And it was launched on Tuesday morning, a military operation with the participation of anti-terrorism and the forces of the band forces ninth in the Army for the Liberation of hand Qayyarah center south of Mosul from terrorists Daesh.

Qayyarah major aspects of Iraq is the space, and capacities of the security forces, in the past few weeks editing the majority of villages and nearby areas and the surrounding prefecture.