Masum calls for an ambitious strategy to eliminate unemployment

2016/8/23 15:38


He called on President Fuad Masum, to develop an ambitious strategy to eliminate unemployment.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the infallible "confirmed during a meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Tuesday, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Arab Trade Unions, Ghassan Ghosn, accompanied by Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Iraq / Deputy Secretary-General of the International Federation of Trade Unions Arab workers Star Barak president of the Union of Iraqi workers and a number of members of the Executive Bureau of the Union, the importance of the Arab workers in solidarity with Iraq, particularly in the war against terrorism. "

He praised the President of the Republic, "the role of the Iraqi working class and national sacrifices, stressing the need to encourage and support the private sector and mixed for the development of modern industry provides the country's gains and expertise and functions."

The new infallible "support of the working class in all fields and support to overcome the obstacles that hinder the improvement of their life conditions, calling for the need to strengthen and expand the Arab and international relations, as Iraqi workers live record of the class struggle and national."

For his part, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Arab Trade Unions solidarity of all Arab workers with the Iraqi people in its war against terrorism and accept the reality of trade unions in Iraq and the Arab countries and their role in promoting political and civic action in Arab societies also gave the infallible Union shield in appreciation of his positions preacher to raise the profile of workers ".