Urgent edit six oil wells in Qayyarah

2016/8/23 14:38

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DONE military units, on Tuesday, six oil wells in the liberation of hand Qayyarah center south of the city of Mosul process.

A spokesman for the brigade 91 army Maj Secretary Shikhani "The army cut a path logistically and strategically key Daesh used by gangs near Mosul, on Tuesday.

Among Shikhani The army also release six oil wells at least control Daesh after security forces launched an offensive against Daesh in the town of Qayyarah took their town center.

He pointed out that there was heavy fighting in the area, but raids the international coalition led by the United States military forces on the ground support to gain land and get rid of the control of Daesh them.

And it was launched on Tuesday morning, a military operation with the participation of anti-terrorism and the forces of the band forces ninth in the Army for the Liberation of hand Qayyarah center south of Mosul from terrorists Daesh.