For TBI at JP Morgan Award for electronic payments

08/23/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 72

Received TBI JP Morgan Quality Award for 2016 for its implementation fast and accurate payments to customers in Bahrain on 14/08/2016.

The director general of the bank, Mr. Faisal Alheims Commenting on the award, "Our priority is to provide the highest level of customer service and direct treatment processes, which is critical, as it ensures fast, accurate and reliable following the instructions of payment transactions for our clients, and also reduces the costs for the bank.

Our continuous efforts It has enabled us to provide our customers with individuals and institutions exceptional payment in TBI services, and ensure that our staff are trained in the latest banking technology using the latest technology and in accordance with the requirements of the strategic training plan.

Since the JP Morgan Quality Award is divided into two categories: the "Quality Award" and "the quality of the elite Award" which is awarded to organizations that show the highest levels of performance.

TBI received this award in recognition of gaining address directly operations and by the completion and reached the 99.78%., Confirmed JPMorgan that less than 1% of eligible for the award of financial institutions, and the Trade Bank of Iraq in a banner succeeded in fulfilling the terms of the strict standards of performance for the award prestigious .