Secrets of the local newspapers on Tuesday

Highlights of the secrets of the local newspapers on Tuesday , August 23 , 2016.

* Day
- Church official asked: How can restore the rights of Christians , as long as the electrodes Maronites do not agree on the election of a president and a new law for the parliamentary elections?
- According to the statistics show that the marriage of Lebanese refugees Soeriat contract hit a record high because it is less expensive than the marriage Bbannanaat.

* Ambassador
- The frequency that the decision was taken the palm of the hand of one of the officers to follow the scandalous file in the security apparatus, " for financial reasons"!
- Minister of my services , said in a prominent parliamentary bloc meeting that he does not accept the annexation of an employee of a sectarian color given to the Committee on the management committee for fear dam project disabled!
- I asked a leading Christian north , "Do the Sunni block in Zgharta under the authority on the orders of Saad Hariri or Ashraf Rifi?".

* Maj . Gen.
- Western oil sources talk that the price of a barrel of crude oil would be between $ 40 and $ 50 during 2017.
- Making contacts away from the lights in the Lebanese area vital to the production of electoral alliances, break Althalvi form to March 14 since shortly after the 2005 is .
- Suffer the relationship between the senior and old ally "tense" under the control of the party, but does not hide its features for observers to clear the air.

* News
- The number of invitees were surprised to evening wedding at the military club in Jounieh prevent the entry of dark skinned women and housekeepers, under the argument that foreign workers are barred from entering the place.
And a military club that had joined the shops, parks, swimming pools and resorts chain practiced racism against foreigners.
- Egyptian Embassy informed Lebanon TV stopped broadcasting via satellite "Nilesat", starting next September, contrary to what was in effect previously broadcast free in exchange for the use of oak Jouret of the Ministry of Communications station broadcast channels across the Lebanese "Nilesat."
- After Education Minister Elias Bou Saab decided to terminate contracting work in one of his ministry directorates and returned to the Ministry of Culture transferred them to the "Education", evaded contracting, covered by its director, of the decision for about three months. A few days ago, I sent a letter to the Minister informing him of his decision to reject it, prompting Bou Saab to direct alert to the Director - General in charge of them.

* Republic
- Contacts are underway to restore cohesion between the two parties Christian allies in a single political line after spacing in a local merit in the Chouf.
- Islamic authorities gave a new instruction to emphasize its cadres to focus on the fight against terrorism.
- Centrist leader confirms that the interceptor his position on some matters stand at a certain point it is not to allow a vacuum in the political and security institutions.

* Building
- The Minister concerned that the review moves by the Phalange Party , with the participation of President MP Sami Gemayel against the establishment of landfill waste in Bourj Hammoud, like the interest of students or even nursery activities, especially as the ministers of the three Phalange Party at the time , had agreed to the Cabinet 's decision to establish the landfill mentioned, and asked: is there a so - called resignation retroactively? ...