The new ministers: independence, professionalism and hold negligent and careless

23/08/2016 01:01:34

- BAGHDAD / obelisk: the face of the new ministers of the ministries of water resources, higher education and scientific research, and Construction and Housing and public municipalities, constituencies service further efforts for the advancement of the reality service provided to the citizens in the country, in line with the overall development plans drawn up by the government.

The House of Representatives had voted to approve the appointment of Hassan al-Janabi, the Ministry of Water Resources, Abdul Razak al-Issa of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Ann beneficial to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and public municipalities, Jabbar and coffee for the oil ministry, and Kazem cup erythema of the Ministry of Transport, who were sworn in new as ministers. According to Sabah newspaper Baghdadi.

Rehabilitation Sdta Fallujah and Ramadi

Ministry of Water Resources, according to a statement, announced that the priority rehabilitation Sdta Fallujah and Ramadi in Anbar province, adding that Resources Minister Hassan al-Janabi, received Fallujah Barrage director Nuri Trki, announced during the meeting its full support for the efforts made by the technical and engineering staff working in Mnzawmte the two banks: mentioned.

According to the statement and pointed to the need to restore irrigation facilities to work again, being one of the priorities of the work of the ministry, stressing his keenness to ensure the safety of workers in COPD and their families and colleagues.

For his part, director of Fallujah Barrage according to the statement detailed explanation of the damage to Balsdh and head regulators blather division and Shalala during the control of gangs «Daesh» terrorist attacks on these facilities.

The independence of universities and to prevent political interference

In a related development, he stressed the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the new, Abdul Razzaq al-Issa, the need to prevent political interference in universities in all its forms and to maintain its independence.

He said a ministry statement «morning» received a copy of the minister stressed the importance of maintaining the independence of universities and to prevent all aspects of political and social interference in their affairs, stressing his commitment to the development of the university environment to suit the scientific objectives.

The Minister of Education Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil al-Issa has been articulated in the 15th of this month that he would not be part of the electoral agenda of monopoly enterprises.

Charge punish severely neglected

In the same regard, said a separate statement by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and public municipalities, «morning» received a copy of it, that Secretary of ages The wholesome Osei, directed service departments on the outskirts of Baghdad and the provinces to the advancement of services and reliance on human and financial resources available and the completed returns and property.

The minister stressed, during a meeting with Undersecretary of technical, administrative, and a number of officials, the need for teamwork and hard exceptionally to implement the ministry's plans and not stumping on the lack of financial allocations and weak allocated to the Ministry of the budget, pointing out that any negligence or lack of services Sadtrna to official accounting strongly the force of law which defined the duties for all.

Call for extraordinary efforts

She called, according to the statement, workers in the service departments to make more extraordinary effort to serve the citizens, stressing that the nation rises and rises built demolished by his sons and their determination and their love and sincerity affiliation, citing the need to work with all the energies and to the maximum, because the nation needs everyone's efforts in the fields of employment and face Black terrorism, stressing that the ministry has sought to accomplish projects that arrived completed an advanced stage to put it in the service of citizens.