The launch of the social welfare benefits early September

2016-08-23 07:49:21 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has announced that it will launch the salaries of the beneficiaries of social welfare beginning of next September in all provinces.

He said ministry spokesman Amar Menem The first week of the next month will see the salaries of social welfare for the months of August distribution and September, noting at the same time to accomplish the ministry 's field surveys circles for more than 200,000 new request for an allowance care of the million applications and stressing continuity surveys.

Furthermore, Menem for withholding the subsidy for 80 thousand people out of a million detection, noting that 20 thousand of these proven field survey under the new law adopted by the ministry in knowing eligible for salaries care of Admanm, they are employees or retired and receiving salaries from the state departments with no review 60 thousand others to update their data or give their addresses to the field researcher to visit them and see the reality of living.